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Aareon Smart World



Aareon Smart World

Digitisation has permanently changed both our private lives and the business world - and is continuing to do so.

Digital Transformation

You only need to take a look around the underground in the morning to see how normal mobile Internet use on the smartphone has become in only a few years'. Checking your e-mails or making an online transfer on the way to work, quickly ordering a taxi via an app, renting a car-sharing vehicle or looking up the way to an apartment viewing on a navigation app – such services have long since become a cherished part of our everyday life and they are based on diverse digital business processes that provide the economy with new stimuli.

These changes also open up new development opportunities for the property industry. A key driver for this is an increased sense of entitlement: More and more tenants and owners not only appreciate digital offers in their everyday life; they simply expect them to be available. If you can interact with your bank or telephone provider online and at any time, you naturally want to be able to do the same when it comes to sorting out housing-related matters. Housing companies can now use digital services to launch innovative business models and impress their customers.

Intelligent Buildings Ensure Sustainability

Digital technologies perceptibly influence the way we will live in future. Buildings are becoming ever more "intelligent": Connected information and sensor technologies in our smart buildings help optimise energy costs and increase the service life of electrical systems. Another effect is the noticeable contribution to environmental protection, since energy efficiency has a direct impact on emissions and consumption. Smart buildings are something everyone benefits from: Intelligent electricity and gas meters and their integration not only enable resources to be used more responsibly from the landlord's point of view – they also help consumers save energy.

But it doesn't end with our own homes: Sooner or later, experts agree, we will be living in smart cities where everything is interconnected. Based on an enormous flow of information, city life in all its facets – for instance with a view to mobility, power supply and healthcare – will be made as pleasant as possible while also offering safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness. And smart building solutions will make a significant contribution to this.

The Basis For Success

Many companies in the housing industry have already recognised the signs of change and are making their way into a new digital age. On the one hand, this means saying goodbye to old habits and analogue processes. For example, housing companies have to enable their employees to be more mobile and networked than ever before. On the other hand, enormous potential awaits them: namely the opportunity to develop completely new solutions and services that are only possible thanks to digitisation. Convincing offers enable companies to win and retain customers because they benefit from added value. At the same time, the companies' own business can be efficiently and sustainably expanded.

For this scenario to become reality in the property industry, processes and applications have to be connected via a common standard. With its Aareon Smart World, Aareon offers a comprehensive portfolio that enables an exchange between all parties involved. It is a holistic system that achieves end-to-end integration of the customers, employees and business partners of housing companies as well as of the technical equipment installed in apartments and buildings. And it adds value by lowering costs, making the dialogue between tenants/owners and housing-company employees more convenient and offering an array of other services and advantageous new business models. Aareon is by the property industry's side as a partner who not only points up visions, but also offers support through creative ideas and useful solutions to ensure that its customers remain competitive in the future.

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