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Introducing Trace & Treasury

Aareon UK recently launched Trace & Treasury, Aareon NL's leading treasury management & financial planning system and business planning software into the UK market at the NHF Finance Conference in Liverpool on 22-23 March 2017.

Trace & Treasury

Trace and Treasury is an IT system from Aareon which works with your housing management or ERP solution to manage the financial performance of your assets and liabilities.  It enables you to control the financial continuity of the organisation and gives insight in the financial consequences of business decisions.

Trace and Treasury is already the leading financial and treasury planning solution for social housing providers in The Netherlands with the treasury facility being used widely across the local authority market.  Trace and Treasury create coherence between your appraisal management, portfolio management, asset management, financial planning and treasury management requirements, with the software having evolved to meet new regulations, legislative changes and the demands and requirements of the housing sector.

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