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New Joint Managing Director Joins Aareon UK

Following the acquisition of 1st Touch by Aareon Group in 2012 both Aareon UK and 1st Touch have been working together more closely.

To cement this integration further the operations of 1st Touch and Aareon UK have been merged as of 1st July 2017.

1st Touch remains as a legal entity and is solely focused on the development and support of mobile technologies.  The 1st Touch consulting and sales along with marketing and administration are integrated in Aareon UK.  This operational merger means that all Aareon UK and 1st Touch customers will have one point of contact, one call centre and organisation to work with, making Aareon more efficient across the UK market and making dealing with us more straightforward.

With effect of 1st July 2017 a common board of directors has been installed across both organisations.  We are pleased to inform you that Nigel Rees will take over the position as one the Managing Directors (MD).  Nigel joined the Company on 24th July 2017 in position of MD alongside Stephen Makin.  This appointment will allow Greg Johns, former MD of 1st Touch to be fully dedicated to his new role in Group Product Portfolio Management.

Nigel and Stephen will both have overall responsibility for all aspects of the both businesses.  Stephen will continue to focus on the ERP market and all solutions around Aareon QL whereas Nigel will pay particular attention to the area of mobile and digital products along with marketing.

Nigel has worked in different areas and sectors throughout his career.  Recently, he worked as Managing Director for Airwaves Solutions’ subsidiary Kelvin Connect, a medium-sized provider of mobile solutions.  During his time at Kelvin Connect, he has extended his team significantly and they have digitised front line workers in the UK police force and the health sector by providing applications and supporting services as well as offering cloud options.  Furthermore Nigel has worked in different finance and business development functions on an international level.

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