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Rooftop Housing Group choose Aareon QL

Rooftop Housing Group are based in Evesham, Worcestershire where they manage over 6000 homes in mainly Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

The review concluded that Rooftop required a much more flexible and scalable business solution, capable of the traditional functions, but one that was much more customer-centric with self-serve opportunities being at the heart of the solution, coupled by intuitive workflow that supports not only self-service but drives efficiencies through streamlining processes.

Rooftop engaged Alysium Consulting to support them through the process of specifying requirements and the procurement, managed through competitive dialogue route. Lesley Buckels was the lead consultant and Rooftop have retained Lesley to support Rooftop in an advisory capacity, during the implementation.

Lesley Buckels said “This is a really exciting project that will transform the customer journey at Rooftop and one which will enable Rooftop to benefit from the digital opportunities afforded to them by this partnership with Aareon”

Rooftop were keen to explore opportunities to reduce the number of applications that were supported or where integration was less powerful than expected, and therefore Rooftop also used this tendering process to consider alternative options for some of their other solutions

Rooftop currently employs 170 staff, of which 80 are currently Smartphone users, this was also under review as part of this process.

Some of Rooftops key objectives were:-

The Tender process took place over a number of months and following a thorough review of the systems available, product demonstrations and customer reference visits, Rooftop Housing Group chose Aareon UK as the preferred supplier.  The total Aareon solution includes Aareon QL Housing, Aareon QL CRM and Workflow, Aareon 1st Touch Mobile, Aareon 360 Tenant Portal, EDRM, Keyfax and Locator plus.

John Sutton, Project Manager, Rooftop Housing Group had this to say about the decision to choose Aareon QL. "We are pleased to have chosen Aareon as our preferred supplier.  We believe that together we can deliver real improvements to our customer offering, mobilising our staff and drive efficiencies throughout the business."

In order for Rooftop to gain maximum advantage of the new approach, they reviewed and refined the traditional processes which are currently in place. Rooftop knew that by simply replicating the current processes supported by improved technology would not deliver the customer service benefits or organisational efficiencies that the business is striving to achieve.  An essential part of the decision was to choose a supplier, that would support Rooftop in its efforts during implementation; the consultants deployed by Aareon UK will demonstrate how Rooftop’s requirements can be met by exploiting the best way to configure the solution, best practice and challenging any reluctance to change.

For more information about Aareon UK and the Aareon QL Product Suite please contact, call 02476 323723 or visit

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