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Langstane HA working with Aareon UK 10 years On

Langstane Housing Association is a major regional Scottish RSL, managing over 2,800 properties throughout Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray.

Founded in 1977, Langstane’s mission is to provide good quality housing that promotes social inclusion and generates sustainable communities.

Langstane was originally set up to provide low cost rented accommodation for single households who had no alternative but to use the local ‘wet houses’.  The Association has grown and developed into a versatile organisation that provides accommodation to over 2,800 households.   Of particular importance to the Association is its support to over 30 third sector organisations through the provision of affordable office and residential accommodation and contracting the services of social enterprises where appropriate to do so.   Although the Association now provides a wide range of accommodation, it still has an emphasis on provision for single-person working-age households, which is a unique characteristic in the sector.

In 2005, Langstane embarked on a project to update their core housing management system.   After a thorough evaluation of the systems available Aareon QL was chosen.   In October 2006 Langstane went ‘Live’ on Aareon QL after a very successful implementation.

Langstane & Aareon QL

10 years on and Langstane are still working with Aareon UK and Aareon QL is a well-established and vital tool in their system portfolio. 

During the past few years the use of the Aareon QL CRM and workflows has instigated a complete shift in the approach to working practice in the housing and property teams.   The process mapping needed to design the workflows has ensured that procedures are reviewed with a critical eye by the teams.   This has produced more efficient working practices, and has certainly resulted in much more detailed information being available regarding the daily activities of the teams.

The Aareon QL Reporting Services is also a critical component of the system and over the years the Association has used Aareon QL, they have increased emphasis on the information outputs from the system.  In addition to having a full suite of reports for statistical returns and management reporting, the daily work of the front-line services teams is in a large dependent on system reports run on subscription direct to key staff.

The implementation of Aareon QL TaskCentre and its use to enhance services to tenants is an extremely useful addition to the Aareon QL system.  

“We already see huge benefits in automatic reminders for appointments and continue to develop the use of QL Task Centre to enhance customer service provision.”  Judith Sutherland, Director of Housing & Social Justice

In February 2011, Langstane’s Direct Labour Staff started using Aareon 1st Touch mobile software on PDA’s to improve the efficiency of the response repairs service.  The use of PDA’s is currently being expanded to other teams.

Langstane changes over the years

As well as building and moving into a new office, there have been many changes within Langstane in the past 10 years; the Customer services team was restructured into the Housing and Social Justice Team and a new Tenancy Sustainment Team was created to provide an enhanced housing advice service to tenants struggling to manage their tenancies.

A subsidiary, Stockethill Homes, was created to allow the Association to diversify into development of mid-market rental properties.

Langstane has seen a full change of the Senior Management Team over the past two years with the new team working on advancing the Association’s vision, values and business plan.  In 2015, The Association’s third Chief Executive, Helen Gauld, took over from Alan Grant following his retirement from Langstane after 16 years.

“Langstane is an ambitious organisation but one that puts our customers at the heart of what we do.   It is important that the IT systems we use are both flexible and capable, delivering the functions that we and our customers expect as we drive forward improvements” Helen Gauld, Chief Executive

The Future

Langstane continues to expand their Aareon QL Product Portfolio and the Asset Management team are currently working on implementing the Planned Maintenance module.   Marcie Ballance, Director of Asset Management said “Implementing the Asset Management module will ensure the Association can be more proactive in it’s planning of component replacements and more robustly manage cyclical maintenance items such as electrical and fire safety checks”

As part of the Association’s plans for the future they have recently joined Quality Scotland and are committed to establishing excellence in working practices.  This will be enhanced by the Association’s commitment to improve automated work flows where possible.

The re-launch of the Housing List in Aareon QL is underway and planned for 2017.  This has involved setting up an interface with the common housing register in the local area.

Overall the fact that the Aareon QL system is so configurable is of huge value to the Association.  The housing sector is constantly changing and this demands that working practices change frequently.  Having Aareon QL allows Langstane to respond and to adapt without the need to reply on outside support to effect change.

David Hutcheson, Director of Finance & Corporate Services said “As we move forward in an ever-changing landscape of digital communication and customer-driven service we look forward to working with Aareon QL to meet our objectives of giving our service users the best possible service that we can.”

Looking forward Langstane see direct access for their tenants and other customers as a key requirement in providing a modern and accessible service. 

Stephen Makin, Managing Director, Aareon UK said“We look forward to continuing to work closely with Langstane, and helping them to get the most from their Aareon QL system and enabling them to achieve their business goals both today and in the future.”

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