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Cheltenham Borough Homes: Successful Collaboration Project

After a very successful implementation project, Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) have gone live with Aareon QL Housing Management, Mobile, EDRM and DRS. Watch the film about the collaboration and read the full article below.

Successful Project Collaboration with CBH & Aareon UK

About CBH

CBH have a vision to make Cheltenham a better place to live by providing great homes and stronger communities. They provide extensive, high quality services for 5,034 homes made up of 3,950 general needs, 493 sheltered and 482 leasehold properties plus 109 of their own stock across Cheltenham in Gloucestershire.

The positive collaboration between both CBH and Aareon throughout the implementation project resulted in a highly successful go-live and overall met CBH’s business transformation objectives. Steve Slater, CBH’s Executive Director of Finances and Resources said: “We had a clear idea of where we wanted to get to and Aareon ticked the box. When they came into present to us, they clearly went through what they were going to deliver and just as importantly, how they were going to deliver it. This gave us confidence that they were professional and were able to deliver.”

"The working relationships with Aareon were brilliant from the start"

“For me the biggest point was about the people. We knew this was going to be a long journey, so if we didn’t feel like we would get on with the people who we were working with we knew the project would struggle, so the people were where Aareon stood out.”

 “The way the two businesses interacted, it was as if the team were in fact one company, they worked well together with everyone aiming towards the same goals. There was never a blame culture and we all really worked well together. Both project teams wanted to work hard for each other. Ultimately the working relationships with Aareon were brilliant from the start, when all the demands have been on the project, people have kept on stepping up to the plate on both sides which has meant it’s been a real success.”

“We are very excited about Aareon QL and 1st Touch Core Mobile and the efficiencies it’s driving, we look forward to what it can deliver in the future. Instead of everyone going back to their day jobs, we have kept three people from the project team to deliver on improvements for Aareon QL going forward. It is crucial for us that they work with the wider CBH business and for our staff to still be inspired to be involved, making sure the energy isn’t lost and to see what further products Aareon can offer and what we at CBH can continue to improve and to keep on evolving.”

"It’s incredible what we have delivered as a team"

Lou Foster, CBH’s Corporate Project Manager responsible for the implementation of the project said: “We needed dedicated resource, so we ran an internal recruitment for staff to put their hands up and say they were interested to get involved. The personalities within the team and how they have grown together, I am so proud of them and everyone has brought all their skills from their previous teams, so from Repairs, IT, Housing, Property and Finance, but I’d like to think they have all learned something new about themselves on the journey.”

“It’s incredible what we have delivered as a team, we didn’t know if there was a product out there that could help us achieve our business goals and now 4 years later we have implemented it’s quite unbelievable. We’ve done a fantastic piece of work to get us here and it’s been a massive transformation.”

“Data is everything, and the more we can use that data to give us information that we can make better decisions with for our services, that’s what we are about and if those services are going to make lives better for our tenants then that’s why we are doing this.”

“We did an intensive period of support out on site in our offices before the systems went live, to make people feel reassured that we weren’t going to come in and put these changes in and then walk away, it was really important for us for the wider business to see the project team out there supporting the changes.”

"I'm really proud CBH managed to achieve their objectives."

Steph Allen, Project Manager at Aareon UK bursts with pride when talking about the project with CBH; “It’s been an absolute pleasure working for the team at Cheltenham, I’m incredibly proud of them, I keep telling them that! I’m really proud of this project, of Cheltenham and that they have managed to achieve their objectives. For us, it’s a beacon of a project that we can be really proud of as well.”

About Aareon UK

Aareon UK are the leading supplier of Housing Management Software and Digital Solutions in the UK social housing sector. With many years of industry specific knowledge, their position as a profitable, growing and innovative organisation enables them to set the standard for business processes in the housing sector both today and into the future.

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