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Hafod’s Self-Service Customer App Supports Customer Charter

Following the successful launch of its new self-service customer app, Hafod has achieved significant operational efficiencies and improved two-way customer communication with a new Customer Charter. The app was supplied by the UK’s leading housing technology company Aareon UK

Hafod moves to Self-Service

With a stock of over 4,500 properties spread across South East Wales from Newport and Cardiff to Rhondda Cynon Taf, Bridgend and Merthyr Tydfil, maintaining effective systems is a priority for Hafod. An important element of this was the recent introduction of the self-service customer app. Hafod felt this would make things easier for them to deliver great customer care, provide customers with free 24/7 access to services  while boosting levels of two-way customer communication.

Aareon fits the bill

Having reviewed the possible systems available on the market, it was decided to choose Aareon’s widely acclaimed Self-Service app. Hafod, who use the QL housing management solution, already had a strong relationship with Aareon, it’s developer. This was felt to have advantages. As Chris Davies, Performance Manager at Hafod, says: “We had built a highly successful relationship with Aareon for their QL system, over some years. By staying with them for the self-service solution, it removed the potential integration problems of introducing a third party provider. As Aareon’s solution offers what we need, we made the decision to go with them.”

Customer Charter

The launch was a huge success. At the outset, over a quarter of Hafod’s customer base registered for access to the app.
Of particular note was the large number of people who wanted to get involved in helping the organisation to fine tune its ongoing decisions and services.

As Chris Davies says: “As a landlord, we don’t assume that ‘we know best’ and we don’t feel that we should just make all the decisions without listening to the opinions of our customers. These volunteers will give us a whole new level of insight which will help us enhance what we do even further.”

Significant savings too

Even more encouraging are the savings for the rapid repair and maintenance operation, where app customers are encouraged to email photographs of the work required.
In over 800 customer repair engagements submitted with images, Hafod did not need to send a surveyor on as many occasions as they would have done previously. Rather, they could just order the relevant part required and book the appointment. The response is therefore both more immediate and saves significant amounts in terms of cost.

“Self-service helps us enhance what we offer even further”

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