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Task driven mobile working: not effective for all

During the last 15 years Aareon have been closely involved with the rollout of some ground breaking projects to thousands of users.

Aareon have been involved in extolling the virtues of mobile working and apps since 2003 when the latest device was an XDA from the then O2 and the fashion was for the smallest phone you could get with a prevalence of clamshell flip phones. During the last 15 years we have been closely involved with the rollout of some ground breaking projects to thousands of users. These were in the majority for Field Based repairs staff, whether that be whitegoods or plumbing or general repairs these were all task oriented work day solutions.

But what about all the other staff that work in the field but are less task driven and more working through discovery processes, such as Social Workers or Tenancy focused staff. In these roles you may have some tasks to do but the first task could result in uncovering problems which take you off at a tangent. In these scenarios the task based approach collapses.

We need a better way of working for those staff with a more collaborative and problems solving remit, as in the new “Green Paper” on Housing it talks about letting tenants down by not providing good systems and processes, so how can this be addressed?

Imagine starting your day on patch and displayed on your tablet is a live KPI dashboard, the customer satisfaction metrics are in the red, you click on the red indicator it takes you to real data relating to those cases, you view the cases on a map and select the nearest to your location.

Visiting the first customer requires you to check on recent incidents, liaise with other members of staff and log additional actions. These all need a mixture of offline capabilities and live data feeds. At the end of the day having completed a number of visits the KPI dashboard is now in the green.

If you would like to know more about this more holistic approach to field workers solutions then visit Gary at the Digital Housing Conference 2018 at Salford University on 31st October 2018.

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