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Aareon Smart World and your homes

The diversification of housing investments produces a wealth of data and information – and these data flows will increase greatly in the coming years due to intelligent building and energy technology.

However, the information produced also provides interesting insights and improved planning and control capabilities. Aareon Smart World solutions enable property companies to record and analyse all their building-related data and use it for their work. This gives them a better overview of the overall situation and helps management make strategic decisions for the future. And employees benefit from the digital applications as well – both for their work on location and in the office. Employees on site at a property can access all the relevant information via a tablet or smartphone and thus familiarise themselves quickly with the current situation there: What property has what equipment and features? In what condition is the property? When is the next maintenance work due? If they are approached by a tenant or owner, they can provide information immediately. If repairs are necessary or a new piece of equipment has been installed in an apartment, they are able to update the inventory data on their mobile device and make the information available to their colleagues at the office in real time. And when it comes to ensuring the safety of balconies, roofs or playgrounds, for instance, this simple principle applies: The more landlords/managers know about the condition of machines and equipment, the better they are able to place maintenance and repair orders. Commissioned tradespeople welcome the concrete information accompanying their orders while tenants/owners benefit from the well-kept condition of the properties.

The housing market can also look forward to interesting perspectives in future, for example thanks to predictive maintenance: Equipped with sensors and intelligent technology, future lifts, heating systems or corridor lighting systems will automatically notify landlords if a component needs to be replaced soon. Instead of having maintenance work carried out at regular intervals, landlords will only need to act when they receive such a notification. Optimising building management in such a way enables the portfolio to be managed more economically, since upkeep is a major expenditure item in the property industry.

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