Sustainable spaces for all

Published on 19 Dec 2023

A closer look into Aareon’s purpose and brand

Buildings and labelling: Sustainable spaces for all

We proudly present the new Aareon Group website. And with it we introduce a modernised brand and visual identity. It is a refresh, an evolution. Or differently said, it is a continuation of the brand values that were and are still greatly appreciated by our customers and partners.

For decades we have been dedicated to bringing the real-estate industry forward. Through digitalisation we provide insights, create transparency and put the user in control of their business operations.

Whether these users are tenants, homeowners, craftsmen or property managers, everyone is empowered and informed to make the right decisions. Our commitment extends to both our customers and their clients, fostering informed choices.

Connecting people, process and property

Everything is centered around the customer. Around the user. At the same time, we believe that the true power of digital lies in establishing a connection. This is why it is our ambition to bring people, process and property closer together. Only then can you gain the insights that are needed to drive your company forward and deliver superior experiences to your clients.

The Aareon Property Management System does just that. It provides property owners and managers with everything they need to know about their processes and properties as well as the people behind them.

Illustraion Aareon product families

With 'Manage' you have your system of record to manage finance, accounting and contracts and to automate workflows. Transactions and payments can be processed with our product family 'Pay'. 'Sustain' allows you to plan long-term maintenance and sustainability. Our 'Engage' product family delivers digital experiences for everyone involved. And lastly, our Property Management System is an open ecosystem that allows you to benefit from the immediate integration of partner solutions with 'Connect'.

Providing sustainable value to customers

Ultimately, what matters is the value that is created for the customer. What is considered valuable differs for property owners and managers. And certainly, has different nuances when comparing the affordable housing corporation goals to those within commercial real-estate. But all value needs to be sustainable. Long term. Long lasting. Sustainability is key. We strive to bring value in three aspects of sustainability. We empower our customers to optimise for economic sustainability, by aiming to achieve a healthy return on property investments and possibly deliver economic benefits to residents. We equip our customers to deliver on environmental sustainability goals, by transforming their properties to become more energy efficient and reducing their carbon footprint. And lastly, we enable  the social housing corporations to provide for affordable housing and a more sustainable society.

Illustration of interaction of economical, social and environmental sustainability

Sustainable spaces for all. It’s a short sentence. Four words to be exact. But these four words mean a lot to us. They express an intrinsic motivation. A motivator that is closely tied to the ambition and goals of our customers.

Fuelled with this inspiration and a desire to have our brand better reflect who we are we set out to refresh our brand identity. Built on a great foundation, staying true to our heritage we are confident that it now is a strong reflection of the human, innovative and reliable brand that we are.

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