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The scope of this process covers all external customer feedback, both positive and negative, and notwithstanding the point of entry into the Aareon UK business.


The purpose of this process is to ensure all external feedback is captured, appropriately dealt with, and where actions are required, both remedial and positive, these are implemented promptly. The objective is to ensure continual process improvement happens, and becomes an imbedded part of the Aareon UK culture. Where temporary measures are required to close gaps identified by customer feedback these are constantly reviewed and removed once permanent solutions developed.

Key Success Criteria


The procedure to follow is identified in the attached process flow diagram. It is the responsibility of the recipient of the feedback to pass it on to the relevant member of staff or Line Manager.  If the feedback is received on the Feedback Form the issue needs to be classed as Stage 1 or Stage 2. 

Staging assessment
If it is a new issue it can be considered Stage 1 if all of the following criteria apply: 

If the issue has already gone through Stage 1 or does not meet the criteria above then this is classified as stage 2. If there is any doubt about the Stage of the issue, it is recommended that it be Stage 2.

Stage 2
A lesson’s learnt review will be carried out on all Stage 2 feedback. All Stage 2 issues also have to be logged by the Security & Compliance Manager.  

It is the responsibility of the Owner of the issue to ensure that the resolution is progressed in a timely manner, keeping the customer or interested party informed, and that the actions taken are documented.  Within [10 working days] the problem must be investigated and either a full response provided or a timetable for further actions agreed with the customer or interested party.

All actions taken are recorded and the resulting documents produced are passed to the Security & Compliance Manager who will build up a resolution history. At the end of the process, when the issue has been resolved, the complaint is reviewed by the Security & Compliance Manager together with the Owner and others depending on the issue.  The lessons learned are agreed and the matter closed. This will all be recorded in the Feedback Log.

All feedback will be presented at the Management Review. If there are further changes to the process/procedure these will be recorded and fed back to the relevant staff/team.

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