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About Us

National User Group

Aareon UK has assisted in establishing a very successful user group for users of Aareon Product Suite

The Aareon National User Group

Orignally formed in June 1999 at the Chartered Institute of Housing's annual conference in Harrogate.  All Aareon’s then current customers attended this inaugural meeting. Since this time the user group has continued to grow and has enjoyed a continuous near 100% membership from all Aareon customers.

On 7th September 2009 the Aareon User Group Ltd was formed to replace the existing QL User Group. One of the major benefits of becoming a Ltd Company to the members is that as a company, the Aareon User Group Ltd has been able to take over the Escrow agreements from individual sites and take out a single agreement to cover the entire membership, which will be covered by the membership fees therefore saving each user organisation hundreds of pounds a year.

Benefits of the National User Group

Sub Groups

A number of regional sub-User Groups have also been created to promote discussion and feedback of region specific issues and ensure that all organisations regardless of size and/or geographical location have the opportunity of contributing to the ongoing development of the Aareon products.

Regional User Groups currently include Scotland, Northern England and London/South East. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) includes; Repairs, Technical, Digital, Housing & Finance.

Virtual User Group

The User Group Ltd also has its own online forum which has been developed for exchange of information. The e-group provides a useful forum enabling members to post queries and questions where other Aareon users and Aareon staff are able to respond, and to share best practices relating to usage of both Aareon QL Housing Management and Aareon Digital Solutions as well as other products and services.

The forum also provides a file storage area where minutes of user group meetings, copies of presentations, customer newsletters etc are stored for download by members.

for more information about the Aareon National User Group please speak to your Aareon Account Manager

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