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Re-imagining transformation adding value for Hafod customers

“In first 6 months, we saved 951 hours, which we have been able to reallocate to serving our customers better." Rachelle Beasley, Hafod’s Transformation Lead

The phrase “digital transformation” often conjures up a futuristic ideal of fully mobile operations and artificial intelligence (AI) driven processes that allow systems users to execute business processes at the click of a button with the maximum of efficiency. Some would have you believe that this future is already here!

Arguably, we’ve all been engaged in digital transformation for at least the past 30 years. The majority of business processes are now carried out using dedicated software, created to process our many tasks in the most efficient and labour-saving manner possible. But the reality is that in many organisations, business processes have become entrenched over time and the systems that were designed to lighten the load are not always used to their full potential.

When Hafod, one of the leading not-for-profit providers of housing, care and support in South Wales, began an organisation-wide digital transformation last year, one stream of the programme included a plan to re-implement their main housing system, Aareon QL, which the organisation had been using for more than 20 years. This part of the programme was intended to help streamline the use of Aareon QL and ensure that Hafod were using the solution to its full potential, making their business processes more efficient and freeing up resources to concentrate on delivering extra value to their customers.

What were we trying to achieve?

As the transformation team started to gather requirements from the organisation’s QL stakeholders, it became clear that there were conflicting views on what needed to be done within the various teams across Hafod. According to Rachelle Beasley, Hafod’s Transformation Lead: “It was very difficult to establish common goals. Our colleagues had many different challenges, and used the system in different ways, which meant that there was no clear vision for what they were trying to achieve through the re-implementation”.

The transformation team realised that without a set of shared objectives, it was going to be quite impossible to re-implement the software in a way that successfully met the needs of every part of the business.

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