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mobile working


Transform mobile working by digitising rapidly

In a post-Covid world, how do housing providers digitise rapidly to improve mobility and agility? What is needed to enable an efficient and effective remote workforce?

One of the key challenges our customers are facing since Covid is how to rapidly improve mobile working, and find cost effective digital processes to enable an efficient and effective mobile workforce. Aareon Versaa Mobile Platform will allow them to multi-task and provide critical field-based support and services.
Listening to our customers through personalised workshops has driven Aareon’s seven core strategic pillars which are embedded in our product strategy:

Data and Integration


Mobility & Agility




Aareon’s next generation mobile platform Versaa, delivers benefits across our 7 pillars to drive fully integrated mobile working for our customers.

What is Versaa?

Evolving from its highly regarded predecessor (1st Touch), Aareon’s Versaa Mobile platform brings mobile working into a new era. Rearchitected to meet the latest cloud computing principles and moving “form design” away from Silverlight, Versaa brings a range of new capabilities to enable mobile working across the social housing sector.

An enhanced, low code mobile working platform, designed specifically for social housing, Versaa empowers your staff to easily build mobile working solutions to cater for any business process. Enabling mobility and agility across your work force, so your staff can support your customers anywhere, anytime.

Versaa features and Workflow Designer

Versaa’s variety of new features focuses on driving a better experience for your staff out in the field, and the new Workflow Designer makes it easy to use with visualised workflows, designed with an intuitive BPMN compliant interface. Integrated services mean that you can automate complex procedures effortlessly between crucial business systems.

Digitise rapidly with Aareon Versaa 

Versaa caters for any housing provider organisation size, and for those who don’t want to build forms and workflows from scratch. Enforced by Covid-driven development to allow business to digitise rapidly, with cost effective solution that don’t require IT resources to control and configure. Aareon’s Versaa Mobile Modules are out of the box, ready to deploy solutions, designed to digitise processes in the field with limited configuration.

Remote working for staff and contractors

Remote workers and operatives can use a range of mobile forms to complete tasks, process data and automate responses to your back-office systems using Aareon’s out of the box solutions, powered by Versaa. We understand that not all housing providers are the same, Versaa’s out of the box modules are powered by a new configuration toolset within the management studio.

Aareon’s Versaa Mobile Modules are cost-effective problem-solving solutions, catering for an ever-changing mobile working environment.

If you would like to find out more about Aareon Versaa Mobile Platform, please speak to your Account Manager, or email us at to see how we can help with your query.

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