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Using Data & Intelligence to support your tenants better

We shouldn’t underestimate the power of data. But what data do you need, for what use, and how do you use it effectively?

Data on its own means very little, but collating data in the right way is very powerful – it provides an overall picture of where things are now, the trends, the context of what’s happening and gives the insights needed for informed decision-making.

But the door really opens when you can use data to be proactive, to understand more about your tenants, your properties and your contractors, and you can start to make decisions which change the dynamics and even start to predict outcomes.

Why is data so important?

Within social housing, there are three key areas of focus when it comes to data: tenants, properties and staff. It is always important to understand your customers, no matter what sector you work in. Not only knowing who they are through segmentation, but in order to make informed decisions, you also need to know what their needs are, so you can differentiate the service you provide.

With the right, high quality data, housing providers can gain insights to enable them to decide on the right technologies to manage their tenants and processes, the most appropriate communication channels to use, and ensure they are prioritising their most vulnerable tenants. This proactive, early-intervention work helps to eliminate those potential risks that housing providers want to focus on, such as arrears or fuel poverty.

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