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Aareon QL - Integrated Housing Management Solution Overview

At the centre of the Aareon Smart World Vision, Aareon QL is a fully Integrated Housing Management Solution designed to manage all key process for a modern housing organisation including CRM, Workflow, Housing Management, Repairs & Asset Management, Finance and Human Resources.

Aareon QL - At the Heart of Aareon Smart World

Aareon QL is the UK's leading Housing Management System. All your business information can be held in a single system enabling your staff to quickly and easily access the information they need to do their jobs and help your tenants.

A consistent look and feel across all modules ensures staff feel comfortable whichever area of the system they are working in and it promotes the breaking down of traditional departmental boundaries, thus delivering a truly flexible workforce.

Workflow throughout the system ensures staff stay on top of tasks, with many processes automated to remove the need for manual interaction.  

With a single database, and powerful reporting tools business intelligence is a breeze - no more working with multiple versions of the same data.

Internet of Things Ready

The danger of the rapid emergence and adoption of new technologies in social housing is that in the rush to ‘embrace digital’, we end up with multiple systems and data sources that do not talk to each other.

Developed to address this, the Aareon Smart World Vision provides a cohesive digital ecosystem for the housing sector by combining the powerful Aareon QL solution and easy integration with Internet of Things devices to interpret and automate workflows and actions based on the received data.

This completes the picture to provide a truly integrated, digitised solution for social housing.


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